Saw Višňové is established with the assistance of grant funds within OPPI DEVELOPMENT. Will saw a medium-sized wood processing companies in the Czech Republic. Its headquarters are in Višňové nearby district town of Znojmo. Production capacity and position in the South Moravian region, enabling fast and operative satisfy customer needs. Softwood lumber – planks, boards, planks, beams, joists – has a variety of destination and our trade partners are the most common construction companies, manufacturers of wooden structures, producers of wooden pallets and packaging, as well as manufacturers of flat materials, furniture products and companies.

The sawmill in Višňové will be introduced as well as local retail sales to consumers, for example. Gardeners, handymen, individual builders like.

Business partners have not only throughout the South Moravian region or other parts of the country, part of the production is intended for export to Austria.

Due to the size and organization of production will Pila in Višňové is able to quickly meet the specific order (custom manufacturing), but where the minimum consumption of 10 cubic meters.

Part of its softwood lumber will be used for the production of quality planed products – flooring tiles, floor decking, fence, boards, sticks – and then for garden furniture. Planed products are intended for deliveries to wholesalers, and sales at the company’s headquarters. All the raw material for the manufacture and sale of a domestic origin.


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